Private and Special Concerts, Tours, and Lectures
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Group tours of the carillon tower can also be arranged. Enjoy the unique view of Berlin and its government buildings! The carillonneur, Jeffrey Bossin, guides you through the tower, answers your questions, explains the special features of the instrument and recounts the interesting history of the carillon in Berlin from its beginning under the first King of Prussia to the reunification of Germany. He demonstrates the instrument's fascinating playing technique and plays a virtuosic work for carillon for you on the big keyboard!

Next Regular Tours: After the Sunday concerts on September 5, 12, and 26 and October 3 at 4 p.m. Price: adults 6 euros, children (under 12) 3 euros, tours require at least four adults.

Special Tours conducted at times to suit you: Send an Email with your name, telephone number, and the date and time of your choice to: or call the carillonneur at 030 851 28 28. The carillonneur will contact you and confirm the date and time of the tour.
Minimum price 50 Euros (because of the extra time and effort involved), price rising according to the exact number of participants.

It is also possible to comission private concerts for weddings, open-air parties and picnics, birthdays, Christmas parties, etc. and special concerts for special events and meetings such as congresses, celebrations of the anniversary of an organization, etc. held in rooms rented in the House of World Cultures. Special group tours for schoolchildren, firms, groups visiting the Tiergarten and the government quarter, etc. are also available. The program, fees, and dates can be set individually. Concerts and longer recitals are usually possible Fridays between 5 and  8 p.m., Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. and Sundays between 3 and 8 p.m. Lectures with slides and music about the carillon are also available.

Further information:
phone +49 (030) 851 28 28

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